Tastaturschmuck - Keyboard Jewelery

I am recycling keyboards of computers and typewriters by transforming them into jewelry.

The idea came to me while walking on the street - and literally „jumped“ at me. A typewriter thrown away - in front of me - with a black keyboard and red letters - my favorite colors. Most probably it ended there because of a worn out ribbon no longer being produced. Or because of a mechanical problem. Who, these days, can repair a typewriter? It has rather become a thing for nostalgic people or a museum but since one key was missing, it was not even good for that purpose anymore.

Keyboards - seemingly useless. But they attracted me - and I attracted them. „Z“ plus three „X“ - what does it mean? Or a „V“ - the first letter of my new loves firstname. Out of this combination, I created my first rings and ever since then, I design jewelery with keys of computers, typewriters, calculators and cash machines.

Due to this this - quite emotional - recycling, the ancient turns into new - with another meaning. Used material is being kept and valued differently. Pieces of mass production become unique.

A typewriter, before, was made for a lifetime. authors and writers had „their“ typewriter: Hemingway had his Remington and Max Frisch his Hermes Baby. Today we don`t need typewriters. They are thrown away or simply left on the street - where I find mine - at least parts of them. At the same time, I am keeping their product names - a mix of female ones like Princess 100, Gabriele, Olympia or Erika but as well male ones like Torpedo 30, Robotron or M 16. Some only have an inventory number - like those from the GDR „VEB Fleischkombinat“ ... Portable history ...

My idea has been registered as a model at the Office for Invention with the number 4 02 07 167.0.